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Below are a list of products we recommend to further enhance your health and wellbeing journey. Each product are reputable, high quality and have been used by the TR team. Product links will take you to an external site where you can purchase and set delivery options.

BLUBlox Glasses

The Dark Side of Blue light

Blue light found at the very beginning of the visible light spectrum meaning it contains intense amounts of energy. Blue light ranges from 400-495nm. The light found in digital devices and light bulbs contains far more blue compared to other colours in the spectrum meaning our eyes are receiving too much unbalanced blue light. This blue light penetrates the eye and over the course of a day will cause digital eyestrain. Digital eyestrain is characterised by dry itchy eyes, headaches and fatigue. Digital eyestrain can also progress into macular degeneration over time. In winter, the sun does not come out as much as the summer months which leads us to use more artificial light sources. This contributes to S.A.D by keeping our cortisol levels (stress hormone) chronically high as excessive blue light raises your stress hormones. Coupled with lack of sunlight this can lead to stress, anxiety and depression.

BluBlox Daz.png

Waters Co Australia

BIO 400 5.25 Litre Bench Top Water Filter

The Bio 400 bench top filter re-mineralises, alkalises and ionises ordinary tap water while filtering out up to 99.99% of chlorine, chemicals, heavy metals, fluoride & bacteria. The 5.25 Litre capacity glass reservoir makes it ideal for domestic and light commercial use.

Featuring 13 stages of sterilising, filtration & activation, multi stage cartridges contain: Sub micron pre-filters, Silver ionised activated coconut shell carbon, Bio organic coral mineral sands Silica sands, Far infrared ceramics, Bio ceramic Somelite™, Magnets and other patented filter medium.

Water Filter.png


A solution for a safer spinal stretch

Because more than 2/3 of the feedback between the brain and body passes through our upper back and neck, healthy posture alignment and mobility is essential for a healthy nervous system. Ablespine’s design provides a safer and more specific way to recover and stretch to help achieve this.

Ablespine's provides a spinal stretch that is safer than a foam roller, better for your back, designed by science. Its patented design supports the natural alignment of your spine. Simply lay on ablespine and allow your body to relax, realign and recover safely.

  • At checkout, use code: TTLREFORM

AbleSpine A.png

Enema Kit

GAPS Australia’s enema kit is the most versatile and superior enema kit on the Australian market. Their product parts are completely free of rubber and BPA and include medical grade sterilised silicon catheters (NOT PVC like most others). These superior catheters also have a closed, soft and rounded tip end for comfort.  They supply both disposable and reusable catheter/colon tubes with different sizes. Their soft medical grade silicon rectal nozzles have been specifically designed for ease and comfort and are a great improvement to the previous PVC nozzle.  these can also be sold separately and attached to enema bulb syringes.

Enema Kit 2020.png


Everyday Fibre

There are several types of fibre that are essential to our health. Insoluble fibre promotes bowel health, and soluble fibre supports the beneficial bacteria that live in our gut. Both are important, but it’s the bacteria-feeding soluble fibre that needs the most attention. Significant and credible connections are being made between a lack of beneficial bacteria and a number of chronic health conditions.

If we can support our beneficial bacteria, we can be healthier for longer.

What is Supergut™ Everyday Fibre?

 •  Soluble prebiotic plant fibre promotes beneficial gut bacteria abundance.

 •  Developed by a Melbourne-based gastroenterologist who specialises in gut microbiome replenishment.

 •  100% natural food product blending six refined soluble plant fibres.

 •  Lactose free, gluten-free, nut-free, vegan.

 •  Helps to reduce the symptoms of gastrointestinal distress within 3 weeks.

At checkout, use discount code: totalref for free shipping.

Celtic Salt_NB.png


Salt Of The Earth

Fine ground salt is made from a special variety of BFA Certified Coarse Sea Salt. The Fine Ground is manufactured under strict quality control to ensure that the naturally high mineral content of the coarse variety is not lost. This fine ground variety is convenient and easy to use for the table or cooking. The original Salt of the Earth's fine ground maintains the natural sparkle of all the essential minerals and trace elements found in 100 percent fully mineralized sea salt. Dissolves easily.


Ocean water is widely recognized as the absolute best source of minerals and trace elements found anywhere on this planet.

Aussie Trace Minerals concentrates this amazing source of nutrients to create a line of products that are highly effective and are as clean and naturally balanced as one could hope for.

Our finished product is a liquid mineral solution containing over 70 minerals and electrolytes that are in their IONIC and ORGANIC forms, which allows our Aussie Trace Minerals to be easily recognized and utilized by the human body, providing simple and lasting results.    

aussie Trace Minerals_NB.png
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