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Darren is an experienced practitioner with a demonstrated history of working in the health, fitness and elite sport industry. Skilled in human movement performance, bio-mechanics, elite strength & conditioning, structural integration and rehabilitation. started his career as a Personal Trainer at a local gym, but he quickly discovered that the methods of training he had been taught were not sustainable or efficient for pain free human movement. Realising this was not the right path Darren began to explore human structure, bio-mechanics and physiology on a deeper level. Today Darren’s impressive resume boasts diverse and distinguishing qualifications.


  • Functional Patterns - Human Bio-mechanics Specialist

  • Advanced Diploma Sports Coaching - covering fitness law, anatomy, physiology, nutrition, exercise and program planning.

  • ASCA - Australian Strength & Conditioning.

  • Anatomy Trains - Arches & legs

  • CTMA - Certified Metabolic Typing Advisor - covering body chemistry, bio individuality, detoxification, diet analysis, food as medicine and customised nutritional advice.

  • FDN - Functional Diagnostic Practitioner - covering detoxification, health building protocols, Hormones, Pathogens, Gut dysfunction and healing and functional lab testing.

  • Primal Patterns & Scientific Core– CHEK Institute - addressing and assessing a person’s ability to move and anatomy and physiology.

  • Certificate III Sport & Recreation, Health & Physical Education/Fitness

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Emma Brook - Trainer / Massage

Emma has over 10 years experience in the health & fitness industry, focusing on functional movement & sports performance. Having grown up as a dancer, she performed and modeled around the world while teaching dance for over 12 years with Stage School Australia. During this time, Emma began to take an interest in human performance & bio-mechanics when she discovered many kids & teens were injuring themselves while performing or playing. As a result, she now specializes in helping clients, not only become stronger in their chosen sport but to ensure sustainability & pain free movement in any area of their lives.


  • Strength & Conditioning Coach - Level 1

  • Functional Patterns - 10 Week Foundations Course

  • CHEK Institute - Core Conditioning & Back Training

  • CHEK Institute - Women Specific Training & Advanced Swiss Ball Training - Cert III & IV - Fitness / Personal Training

  • Deep Tissue Massage for Injuries

  • Precision Nutrition - PN Level 1

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