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Metabolic Typing is a Process that helps you discover what types of food work best for you, in the right ratios and in the best environment.


“When we provide the body with the right fuel mix and in a natural environment, we allow it not only to function optimally, but also begin to repair dysfunctions & imbalances, moving an individual significantly closer to our goal of achieving homeostasis” . Darren Cox Certified MT Practitioner.

Total Reformation’s distinct approach shows people that the wrong foods for a person’s Metabolic Type, even those considered healthy, can be a stress on the body that leads to energy issues, sugar cravings, difficulty focusing & even major health issues.





Establishing your Metabolic Type involves completing an in depth online questionnaire that covers everything from your Physical traits to Food traits to Psychological traits. You will receive a 22-page report explaining your Metabolic Type as well as informative documents on how to get the most out of your program. Darren then conducts a follow up consultation and assists each person to get started on their new journey, eating with their Metabolic Type and re-building their body’s health.



Book in for your Results Consultation


Once we receive your results we will send your your 22-page report and accompanying documents via email. The next step is to book in for your 45min Results Consultation with Darren Cox (FDN-P) by clicking the button below. Note: Results can take up to 48 hours to come in. During your consultation, Darren will explain your Metabolic Type in detail and give you practical steps on how to implement your MT Program into your lifestyle. If any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.



Begin your Metabolic Typing Program


Your MT program has many layers that are implemented slowly each week. You will have access to our resources page where you can download awesome information at your leisure. “Seeing how people grow and improve as a person once they start implementing our practices is remarkable. By balancing out our body chemistry, all functions are improved from energy production to blood pressure, pH levels, brain function, fat loss and detoxification" - Darren Cox. Head to our Resources page to download useful information about your MT program



  • Advanced Metabolic Typing Questionnaire
  • 22 Page Report + amazing information
  • Food Lists
  • Diet Check Record Sheets
  • 45min Consultation with Darren Cox



GST Included
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