At TR we address every element of a person’s health from exercise, mindset, nutrition, posture, sleep patterns, hydration, sunlight exposure & environmental stressors. It’s all related & no two people are exactly the same. We have three training options for you to choose from: Private Training, Customised Group Training & Group Classes.



Experience the TR journey as we take you through our holistic movement performance protocols, which is unlike anything else in the industry. We first assess your structure and bio-mechanics then use Functional Patterns corrective applications, which will progress you to challenging but fun three dimensional - dynamic movements. This approach will prolong your body for years to come instead of breaking it down like most commercial exercise modalities you see everywhere today. We also provide ongoing education & motivation to unlock your body's full potential & improve your quality of life via customised nutrition and lifestyle changes. Our training is challenging for not only your body but for you brain as we teach you how to connect to your body in a way that you've never connected before.

If you're new to TR your first step is to head to our INITIATION PAGE & book in for your 60min INITIATION session. This is a requirement for all new members.

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Get ready to take your human movement & performance to the next level with our Customised Group Training Classes (CGT). This class gives you the group training environment but with your very own unique program to follow. CGT classes are limited to six participants only & run twice daily, three days per week, allowing variations within your customised program.

Each class is 45min and involves 24 interval periods which allows everyone to start & finish together creating a fun group training experience.


Does your current exercise class give you enough individual attention or are you lost in a production line of exercises & people? At TR we find that even those who've been training for years need regression, re-balance, re-education & REFORMATION. So, our classes only hold 8 participants and contain exercises that are sustainable while being highly effective.

A uniquely holistic approach to high-performance training, our circuit based classes will help you move better & feel stronger. See the results come naturally in weight management, cardiovascular health & lean muscle development whilst having fun!