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David Foote: 0417 310 337

Nick Moss: 0416293374


Your body responds to trauma in a very instinctive way – by tightening certain muscles and while inhibiting others in response to accidents or injuries, scars, trauma, over-use, over-training or even bad ergonomics, creating compensation patterns. This is a natural adaptive and survival occurrence that the brain does to help protect your body but over time, however, these patterns can lead to persistent muscular soreness, stiffness, loss of strength & function, and eventually leading to more serious bio-mechanical issues. Sports Kinesiology & NKT can directly address these unconscious coordination patterns by accessing your natural neuro-muscular learning ability.

David Foote & Nick Moss are our qualified specialist in this field. Their therapy is a non-invasive method using muscle feedback & brain control with body awareness, that can help you reduce stress & pain, improve performance at school, work & home, in sports & promote complete your health & wellbeing journey.


Renew. Restore. Revive in your personalised remedial massage session. Our massage therapists combine techniques to help balance your mind, body, & spirit. Our methods are focused to help recovery & sustain your movement training while restoring vitality.

Uschi Staedel-Schneider are highly experienced and certified massage therapists specialising in remedial massage. They can help treat myofascial pain & common symptoms such has neck, back (sciatica) & shoulder pain, headaches & muscular spams which could be implicating other areas in your life.

Uschi: 0413 255 717

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Dominique Mulhane: 0488 107 758


TR offers psychological counselling & support for weight management, body acceptance, & self-love. Dominique Mulhane (Loving Body Psychology)  is our Registered Psychologist. Dominique uses evidence based practices including Acceptance & Commitment Therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, mindfulness practices & positive psychology.

  • Can help identify roadblocks & negative thought patterns related to health behaviours, body image & self-esteem.

  • Create new habits & thought patterns around health & wellness.

  • Help develop short- & long-term goals.

  • Switch focus from weaknesses to strengths.

  • Improve motivation.

  • Can address issues relating to anxiety, depression & relationships which may be impacting on your ability to stay focused on your health goals.

  • Holistic approach incorporating exercise & nutrition .