• Please be mindful that Total Reformation is a businesses filled with specialists & we are providing you with a service that costs us a lot of time, money & energy.
  • To help us help you, we need a reasonable effort from you to provide us at least 12 hours notice to cancel your appointment, so that your free appointment slot can be filled by another client.
  • We prefer you to reschedule that time within that week so you don't lose that session & this keeps you committed.
  • Please visit our Terms & Conditions page if you have not read it. 
  • Your session will be forfeited if you do not satisfy the conditions for cancelling your appointment.
  • All cancellations can be cancelled through the MindBody app & by contacting practitioner directly via calling or text message.
  • By signing up with Total Reformation you agree to this Cancellation Policy.
  • Our Cancellation Policy is clearly visible on this website, on the MindBody app, highlighted in your initiation & at the entrance of the TR studio.

Please note: The Office of Fair Trading Under Australian Consumer Law states "a business is within its rights to charge a cancellation or “no-show” fee for appointments, so long as this has been communicated to a client before making the appointment."